Present: Mr Ken Brown (chair), Mr K Larkin, Mr R Symons, Mr D Palmer and Mr D Purnell.

Six members of the public attended the meeting.

District Councillors: Ms Catherine Braun and Mr K Tucker.

The Acting Clerk: Mr D Palmer.

The Chairman opened the Parish Council Meeting.

  1. The Chairman invited apologies. Apologies had been received from the Parish Clerk Ms E Oakley, Cllr Mrs J Burton, Cllr D Roberts, District Cllr Mr G James and County Councillor Dr J Cordwell. The Chairman informed the Council that the Clerk was unwell and Mr D Palmer would be acting as Clerk for the meeting.

  2. The Chairman invited any Declaration of Interest. Cllr Purnell declared an interest in the first item at 6 below.

  3. The Council approved the Minutes of the November Council Meeting. The Minutes of the November Ordinary Meeting of the Council had previously been distributed to all members and displayed on the public notice boards and the website. All members agreed the Minutes should be signed, as a true and accurate record. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

  4. The Council noted matters arising from the Minutes, not covered by agenda items.

  1. The Chairman closed the Meeting for Public Discussion and Questions.

  1. The Council considered and commented upon the following Planning Applications:

Cllr Purnell left the room at this point.

Clllr Purnell returned.

North Nibley Parish Council considered this planning application at its meeting on 2nd December. It received representations from parishioners objecting to the proposal.

The Parish Council noted this was a revised application from the earlier application to which it objected on 15th July 2019 (S.19/1171/FUL) and in particular it now proposes two buildings of a greater combined floor space than previously. Also the application does not include works already undertaken without permission including widened access, road across the site and bridge works across the brook and is therefore deficient.

After due consideration the Parish Council resolved to object to the application on the following grounds:

  1. Insufficient information has been submitted to justify the need for two buildings of the size proposed as being essential for the maintenance and enhancement of a sustainable farming enterprise and the proposal is contrary to Local Plan Policy CP 15.

  2. The site is within the Cotswold AONB in an area of high landscape value. The proposal to erect two buildings on higher land would be visually prominent both viewed across and along the valley. As a consequence the proposal would detract from the character and landscape quality of the AONB contrary to Local Plan Policy ES 7.

  3. The cumulative impact of the proposed buildings, access works,turning areas, and road across the valley would create an unacceptable and adverse impact on the landscape character and visual amenities of this part of the AONB and the special landscape quality of Waterley Bottom. The proposals fail to be sympathetic to or complement or enhance the landscape character of the AONB as required by Local Plan Policy ES 7.

  4. The proposal will result in an increase in vehicular traffic including large farm vehicles through Millend and PittCourt in order to access the site. The access is downnarrow lanes regularly used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists as well as other vehicles and this will lead to problems of traffic safety and adverse environmental impact on these small settlements.The proposal is therefore contrary to Local Plan Policy E 14.

  5. The proposal together with the unauthorised works already undertaken will have an adverse impact on the Doverte Brook contrary to Local Plan Policy ES 8.

The Parish Council fully support the objections made by parishioners and request the local planning authority refuse planning permission for the grounds listed above

  1. The Council noted the following Planning Application decisions by Stroud DC Planning.

  1. The Council receive a written District Council Report. The Council received a written report from District Cllr Catherine Braun. The Chairman thanked Cllr Braun for her report. (Filed aside) District Councillor Tucker added that he had also submitted a report. There followed a brief discussion about the proposed Wisloe development. Cllr Larkin agreed to bring a report on the SDC Local Plan Consultation to the January meeting.

  2. The Council received a written County Council Report. The Council received a written report from County Councillor Dr J Cordwell. (Filed aside)

  3. The Chairman invited Parish Councillors to report on any meetings they had attended.

  1. Parish Council Finances:

  1. The council discussed the appointment of an Internal Auditor. It was resolved to approach GAPTC.

  2. Cemetery and Closed Churchyard

  1. The Council received for information, details of correspondence.

  1. Other

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 6th January 2020 at 7:30pm.