Present: Mr D Purnell (Chairman).

Mr K Brown; Mrs K Glancy; Mr K Larkin; Mr D Palmer; & Mr L Smitherman.

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell.

County Councillor: Dr J Cordwell.

The Clerk: Mr R Symons.

Burial Clerk: Mrs M King.

  1. To receive and accept Apologies for absence. Mr S Hale and District Councillor Mr P Smith.

  2. Declaration of Interests. The Chairman invited members to declare any Interests relating to this Meeting. There were none.

  3. To approve and sign the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3 June 2013, as a true record. The Minutes of the June Ordinary Meeting had previously been distributed to all members and displayed on the public notice boards and the website. All members agreed the Minutes should be signed, as a true and accurate record. The Minutes were duly signed.

  1. The Council noted Matters arising from the Minutes, not covered by agenda items.

The Clerk referred to his Update Note, which had been issued prior to the Meeting. He advised that:

  1. The Council consider and commented upon the following Planning Applications:

1) meets the criteria of the National Planning Policy Framework paragraph 97; and

2) satisfies the requirement of the Stroud Local Plan Policy NE8.

Furthermore the plans will assist the long term viability of the Village Hall which is an essential asset to the Parish.

Following discussion the Council agreed not to Object to the application, but to make the following comments: “The applicant in their “Statement of Community Involvement has already agreed with Stroud District Council to enter into a Section 106, which ensures the new buildings will not be separated or used as a new residence. Should the property pass into new ownership in the future, this agreement would still remain legally binding”. The Council suggested that this should be made a condition of any Planning approval.

  1. The Council noted that the following decision has been made by Stroud Local Planning Authority:

  1. The Council received a verbal report from the Chairman and the Clerk on the recent visit by Parish Councillors to inspect the bank off Wood Lane. The Council agreed that the Chairman, one Councillor and the Clerk should meet with Trustees from Nibley Knoll Trust to further discuss how the Trust and the Parish Council should proceed, regarding the registration of the area of land adjoining Wood Lane.

  1. The Chairman closed the Meeting for Public Discussion and Questions.

There were no questions. The Chairman re-opened the Meeting.

  1. The Council received a written District Council Report from District Councillor Mrs J Cordwell. (See filed aside). The Clerk could not recall the Council receiving an invitation to attend the newly established Safer Stronger Communities Partnership. The Clerk agreed to contact Mr Sullivan from Stroud DC to ensure that the Council is involved in future meetings.

  1. The Council received a written County Council Report from County Councillor Dr J Cordwell. (See filed aside). Dr Cordwell informed the Council that he would be unable to attend the next Meeting as he is due to have an operation. The Council conveyed their best wishes to Dr Cordwell.

  1. Councillors’ Reports. The Chairman invited Parish Councillors to report on any Meetings they had attended:

  1. The Council approved and adopted the “Working Together” Agreement between Stroud DC & Parish and Town Councils in the District. The Chairman signed the Document on behalf of the Council.

  1. The Council considered a request from Stroud DC to decide upon a preferred option for the use of the balance of Local Council Tax Support Funding 2013/14, amounting to £67,007, which was not claimed by some parish/town councils and is held by Stroud DC. Following consideration of the 5 Options put forward by Stroud DC, the Council voted for Option 3 to use the money for “Funding for better signage of tourist attractions around the district.”

  1. Parish Council Finances.

  1. The Council received a Quarterly Report of Parish Council finances. See aside. The Clerk pointed out to the Council that one potential area of income shortfall was on Breakheart Hill land as the land is currently not leased out. The Clerk advised the Council that he had displayed posters in Dursley & North Nibley, advertising the land, but he had not received any enquiries. Mr Brown reported he had received 3 enquiries, but no firm interest other than the one made earlier in the year. Following discussion the Council agreed that they should permit Mr Brown/and the Clerk, some flexibility in the amount the Council would charge for the land and agreed that a figure of £60 or more per month would be acceptable. Following discussion the Council accepted the report.

  1. The Council approved for payment the Invoices on the attached Payments Schedule; and approved and drew up cheques for payment.

  1. The Council received a request from Yercombe (Gloucestershire) Trust, for the Council to nominate a Trustee. The Chairman invited Councillors to put themselves forward and suggested that should anyone be interested they could contact the Trust for further information. One Councillor indicated that he might be interested in finding out more. The Clerk provided him with contact details.

  1. The Chairman invited the Burial Clerk to present a verbal report. The Burial Clerk reported that recently she had sold 3 plots. The cheque for 2 plots had already been banked. The Burial Clerk had passed a further cheque to the Clerk at the Meeting. The Clerk reported that he had drafted a building specification for the proposed work at the Cemetery and agreed to meet the Chairman on site to finalise the document.

  1. The Council received a written report (See aside) on Correspondence & Messages received. The information is contained on document filed aside.

  1. The Council received a list of future Council Meetings for 2014. The Clerk acknowledged that there was an error relating to the January date. The correct dates are filed alongside this document.

The Chairman invited Mrs Glancy to address the Meeting. Mrs Glancy informed the Council that they were shortly due to move home to Cheltenham. As a result Mrs Glancy announced her resignation from the Council with immediate effect. The Chairman thanked Mrs Glancy for her significant contribution to the work of the Parish Council. On behalf of the Council the Chairman conveyed the best wishes of the Council. The Clerk was asked to contact Stroud DC to notify them of the vacancy.

There being no further business the Meeting closed at 9.00pm.

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 5 August 2013 at 7.30 pm.