North Nibley Parish Council



Present: Mr. D Purnell (Chairman).

Mr K Brown; Mrs K Glancy; Mr S Hale; Mr K Larkin; & Mr D Palmer.

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell & Mr P Smith.

County Councillor: Dr. J Cordwell.

The Clerk: Mr R Symons.

One Member of the public.

Following a request from District Councillor Mr Paul Smith, the Chairman agreed to reorganise the agenda in order to permit Mr Smith to leave early as he was feeling unwell.

  1. To Receive and Accept Apologies for absence.

The Meeting accepted apologies from Mr L Smitherman.

  1. Declaration of Interests.

The Chairman invited members to declare any interests. The Chairman declared a Prejudicial Interest in Agenda Item 6.

  1. To Approve and Sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 September 2011, as a true and accurate record.

The Minutes had previously been distributed to all members and displayed on public notice boards and the website. All members agreed the Minutes should be signed, as a true and accurate record. The Minutes were duly signed.

In response to a question, the Clerk clarified that where there was a divided vote on a Resolution, the names of those voting for and against the resolution would only be recorded when the Council made such a request.

  1. The Council noted Matters arising from the Minutes that were not covered by agenda items.

The Clerk’s Update Note, which had been issued prior to the Meeting, informed the Council he had:

  1. contacted Stroud Planning Authority (Enforcement Officer) regarding their intended actions following the refusal of the Bird Farm planning application (S.11/1126/FUL). He had been advised by Mr Dave Corker “As you will be aware, the matter of potential enforcement action was included in the Officer Report that dealt with the planning application for the caravan.  The Committee did not determine that particular aspect, confining themselves to determining the application alone.  The enforcement aspect was therefore deferred for it to be the subject of a more detailed report to be considered at the next Development Control meeting on 11 October 2011.  I am currently working on that report and recommendation.  It will be available with the agenda for the next meeting, unless it is an exempt item but I do not see why it needs to be.”

  2. agreed to meet the head teacher at North Nibley School on Wednesday 28 September, regarding planting a tree in memory of Mrs. Edna Purnell. The Clerk reported that he had agreed a site for the tree. Mrs Glancy agreed to speak with a local firm about purchasing a Copper Beech tree in readiness for planting in November.

  3. informed the Chairman of Stinchcombe Parish Council of the Council’s decision, regarding the Appeal lodged by Next Generation Ltd. against the refusal by Stroud DC of planning permission for the proposed Berkeley Vale Wind Park, Stinchcombe;

  4. advised Phil Skill (Stroud Planning) that North Nibley Parish Council would not be ready to implement changes to E-Consultation on planning applications from October 2011. He requested for the Council to benefit from the twin tracking arrangements which are to be extended for those parish councils not yet ready to switch. He expected that the Parish Council would have arrangements in place by April 2012, to accept the web only version. The Clerk has also volunteered to be on the Working Group looking into these matters;

  5. arranged to meet Lisa Walker from the Community Pay Back Team on 12 October, regarding the possibility of them doing work on the Garden of Remembrance;

  6. continued to pursue Gloucestershire CC (Rights of Way) to remind them that the bollards at the bottom of Wood Lane had not been replaced. He was able to report to the Council that the bollards were replaced before the meeting;

  7. not yet agreed with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman when they will carry-out a half yearly check of the Council Accounts;

  8. met with a representative from Wotton Tarpaving, and obtained a quote for repairs to the Cemetery footpath;

  9. been advised by Wotton Tarpaving that we need to apply Roundup to the weeds growing on the footpath;

  10. met with the Chairman to get more details of the plans for the Cemetery from Mrs Marlene King; to enable them to plan for a footpath access to the new area of the Cemetery and ensure that this is safeguarded for the future;

  11. been informed that the Chairman and Mrs Glancy were arranging to carry out a Health & Safety assessment of the Cemetery.

  1. The Chairman invited District Councillor Mr Smith to present his written District Council Report. Following a question Cllr Smith advised that at District Council Meetings there would normally be a 5 minute limit on the opportunity to speak. Any exceptions to this rule would be applied equally to other questioners. Following this Agenda Item Cllr. Smith, left the meeting because he felt unwell.

  2. The Council received a written County Council Report from County Councillor Dr John Cordwell. There were no issues raised.

  1. The Chairman closed the Meeting for public discussion and invited questions.

There were no questions.

  1. The Council considered the following Planning Application:

The Applicant, Mr Findlay, was present at the Meeting to comment upon the application and respond to questions from the Council. Prior to discussing the Application, the Chairman (Mr Purnell), having declared a Prejudicial Interest, left the Meeting and handed the Chair to Mr Brown.

Mr Brown invited comments from the Council and following discussion the Council agreed to Support the application on the following grounds:

Mr Brown left the Chair and Mr Purnell resumed Chairmanship of the Meeting.

  1. The Council considered and commented upon the following Application for Listed Building Consent:

Following discussion the Council decided neither to object or support the Application and to make the following comments:

  1. That the dry stone wall formed at the front of the premises should be in Cotswold stone;

  2. That it is presumed that the stable block will be for private use and not as a part of a commercial business;

  3. That the proposals for a new vehicular access provide a safer arrangement.

  1. The Council noted that Planning Consent has been granted in respect of:

  1. The Council noted that Planning Consent has been Refused in respect of:

  1. The Council considered a proposal to produce a simplified version of a Parish Footpath Plan which would be displayed onto an Information Board, to be located centrally in the Village. Following discussion it was agreed that Mr Palmer and Mr Brown would consider potential sites for a Board; Mr Palmer would look at examples of how Wotton under Edge Town Council had approached this; the Clerk would find out from his opposite number at Wotton TC, how they had produced and financed their Information Boards.

  1. The Council discussed a suggestion to install a water supply at the Council’s Breakheart Hill land, which would add value to the land. The Clerk reported that he had contacted Severn Trent Water Ltd. and had been advised that in order to install a supply they would first need to make a written application, which would cost £105.50 plus VAT. The Clerk reported that he had made no progress with the argument that there was already a supply crossing the Council’s land, subject to a Grant of Deed and that in such circumstances Severn Trent should not charge for a connection.

Following discussion the Council agreed to make an Application to Severn Trent Water. The Council approved the cost of the application and a cheque was raised.

  1. Parish Councillors were invited to report upon meeting they had attended:

  1. Parish Council Finances.

  1. The Council approved and signed cheques for the following Invoices:

  1. The Council noted that Stroud DC have refunded £42.60 for Occupied Property Rates previously paid by the Parish Council in relation to The Cemetery. This was due to central government decision to extend Small Business Rate Relief for a further year.

  1. The Council received a verbal Cemetery Report.

The Clerk reported that:

  1. The Council received a written report of Correspondence received. (See attached).

The Clerk advised the Council that Mrs King had given him some information about the arrangements for the “North Nibley United Charities for the poor”. Currently Mrs King & Mrs James were the named Trustees. The balance held at the bank is £217.53. In response to questions the Clerk was unable to provide any further information about the terms of reference for the Trust. He agreed to speak to Mrs James to find out more information.

The Council agreed that as neither Mrs James nor Mrs King were any longer connected to the Parish Council, arrangements for the Trustees need to be changed. It was agreed that Mr Purnell & Mr Brown should become the Council’s representatives.

There being no further business the Meeting ended at 9.20 pm

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 7 November 2011 at 7.30 pm.