North Nibley Parish Council



Present: Mr. D Purnell (Chairman).

Mr K Brown; Mrs K Glancy; Mr S Hale; Mr K Larkin; Mr D Palmer; & Mr L Smitherman

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell & Mr P Smith.

County Councillor: Dr. J Cordwell.

The Clerk: Mr R Symons.

Four members of the public.

  1. To Receive and Accept Apologies for absence.

The Chairman welcomed Mr Smitherman to his first Meeting as a co-opted Councillor. Mr Smitherman duly signed the Acceptance of Office form.

The Meeting accepted an apology from District Councillor Mr A O’Connor.

  1. Declaration of Interests.

The Chairman invited members to declare any interests. There were none.

  1. To Approve and Sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 6 June 2011, as a true record.

The Minutes had previously been distributed to all members and displayed on public notice boards and the website. All members agreed the Minutes should be signed, as a true and accurate record. The Minutes were duly signed.

  1. The Council noted Matters arising from the Minutes that were not covered by agenda items.

The Clerk’s Update Note, which had been issued prior to the Meeting, informed the Council:

  1. The Council considered and commented on the following Planning Applications:

The Parish Council received a written statement from Mr & Mrs Bird. (See aside).

The Clerk set out the background to the applications and reminded the Council that permission had already been given in respect of Planning Application S.11/0217/FUL.

The Chairman closed the Meeting to enable Mrs Bird and other members of the public to comment. Mrs Bird offered to answer any questions which the Council might wish to ask of her.

In response to Councillors’ questions Mrs Bird said:

There being no further questions, the Chairman thanked Mrs Bird and reopened the Meeting. The Council further discussed the application.

Having considered this Application in conjunction with the Stroud District Local Plan and Planning Policy Statement 7: Sustainable Development in Rural Areas, the Council agreed to Object to this Application on the following grounds:

The Application is contrary to Planning & Policy Statement 7 Annexe A (and the previous Local Policy HN12) in so far as the land lies outside the defined settlement area of the Village and does not meet the “special justification” criteria in PPS7. Furthermore the Council is not convinced that the applicants have made any attempt to secure housing in the nearby area. It was evident that the applicants’ longer term intention, as explained at the Meeting, is that they would establish a log built cabin on the site for longer term usage.

The Council also consider the Application is contrary to Policy HN10 in so far as the land is outside the defined settlement boundaries of North Nibley and in their opinion is not essential to the efficient operation of the agricultural operation.

This development does not in any way complement the AONB and in the opinion of the Parish Council does not meet the criteria of Policy NE8.

In the Council’s opinion the grounds for the earlier refusal on 13 April 2011also apply to this application.

Having considered the Application, in conjunction with the Stroud District Local Plan and Planning Policy Statement 7: Sustainable Development in Rural Areas, the Council Objected to this Application on the following grounds:

The applicants have previously successfully applied for planning permission (S.11/0217/FUL) for an agricultural building on this site. The erection of said agricultural building would have negated the need for these containers to be placed in open countryside. However the applicants have instead chosen to locate a mobile home (without planning permission) in the location of the planned agricultural building and as a result are now requiring permission for the containers. Had the applicants taken a properly planned approach to their enterprise this application would be unnecessary.

The Parish Council Objects on the grounds that this application is contrary to Stroud District Local Plan Policy NE8, in so far as the land falls within an AONB and the siting of these containers does not meet the first two criteria in that Policy.

The Chairman closed the meeting and invited the applicant, Mr Stephens, to comment on this application. Mr Stephens accepted that he should have made a planning application before erecting the poly tunnel. He acknowledged that this was an error and had taken steps to minimise the visual impact on the area by screening the poly tunnel. In the longer term he also intended to plants trees which would further screen the site. Mr Stephens was asked questions by the Council about his use of the poly tunnel. In reply he told the Council that:

Mr Baxter, a neighbour, commented that he supported this planning application and has no objections to it.

The Council held a lively discussion on the poly tunnel part of the application including the following:

Mr Purnell commented that he had tried to see the poly tunnel from around the area and although he could see it from one location he didn’t see it as a problem. Mr Larkin added that it is visible from the public footpath and Westridge Woods. He appreciated that Mr Stephens had tried to screen it. Mr Brown commented that there are other poly tunnels in the area and he doesn’t see this poly tunnel as a problem. Mr Smitherman commented about that it is not a pretty thing. He also commented about the size of the poly tunnel and asked if a smaller one could be used and the tunnel re-sited. Mr Stephens said that he couldn’t see the benefit of a smaller tunnel, but he was open to discussion.

The Chairman re-opened the Council Meeting.

It was established that there were no arguments about the erection of replacement barn, which is part of this application.

Following further discussions Mr Brown proposed and Mr Purnell seconded a motion that the Council Support this application in so far as the construction of a replacement barn will enhance the site and replace the previous dilapidated building, providing appropriate storage space for equipment & materials; and the poly tunnel, as currently constructed with screening and the proposal to plant hedging & trees to further screen the site, is supported by the Parish Council. Following a vote Messrs. Brown, Purnell and Mrs Glancy supported the motion. Messrs Palmer, Larkin and Smitherman opposed the motion. Mr Hale abstained.

Because of an equality of votes the Chairman used his casting vote to support the motion. (Local Government Act 1972 Schedule 12 S.39 (2)). The Council Supported the application.

  1. The Council noted the decision of Stroud District Planning Authority to grant Planning Permission for:

  1. The Chairman closed the Meeting for public discussion and invited questions.

There were no questions, the members of the public having left earlier.

  1. The Council received a written District Council Report from District Councillor June Cordwell.

  1. The Council received a written County Council Report from County Councillor Dr John Cordwell.

  1. The Chairman invited Parish Councillors to report on any Meetings they have attended.

Mr Larkin reported on the Meeting of the Recreation Field Trust. They intend to erect a gate at the entrance in order to control access to the site; the Trust are considering whether they should maintain their charitable status; and there was discussion about the tree in memory of Edna Purnell.

Mr Larkin also reported upon his attendance at GAPTC “Being a Good Councillor” training event and recommended it to other Councillors. The Clerk confirmed that there will be future events during 2011 and that the Council would pay for the place on the course.

Mrs Glancy reported on attendance (by herself and Mr Purnell) at Stroud Planning Event organised by GAPTC. She said that they revisited the basics of planning and also discussed how to deal with conflicting policies and their approach to sustainable development. There were also discussions about the possible outcome of the Localism bill and the introduction of Neighbourhood Plans.

Mr Brown reported that he had been advised about a dangerous incident caused by cyclists riding on footpaths in the woods. Following further discussion the Clerk agreed to speak with Gloucestershire CC Rights of Way. Mr Brown also reported that the purchase of land on Nibley Hill is progressing.

Mr Palmer reported that earlier there had been discussion about producing a Footpath Plan onto an Information Board. It was agreed that this should be further discussed on the October Agenda.

  1. The Council discussed how it should celebrate the Queens Jubilee in June 2012. Following discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should include this topic in his “On The Edge” article and look to bring together other interested bodies to discuss this issue.

  1. The Council discussed how it should recognise Mrs. Ann James’ 20 years service to the Parish Council & community. Following discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should purchase a suitable gift and arrange for a scroll to be produced.

  1. Following agreement from the School Governors arrangements will be taken forward for a tree in memory of Mrs. Edna Purnell. The Clerk will contact the head teacher to discuss further.

  1. Finances.

  1. The Council received and approved a written First Quarter Finance Report from the Clerk.

  1. The Council approved the following Invoices for payment and signed the cheques:

  1. The Council received a written report on the Cemetery. Following a suggestion from the Chairman it was agreed to defer discussion of the Report until the August Meeting.

  1. The Council received for information details of Correspondence received. (See list attached).

There being no further business the Meeting ended at 9.55pm

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday 1 August 2011 at 7.30 pm.