Present: Mrs EA James (Chairman); Mr D Purnell; Mr K Brown; Mrs. P Kelly; Mr. D Palmer; & Mr R Smith. .

The Clerk: Mr R Symons

  1. Apologies. The following apologies were accepted: Mrs A Hale. District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell; Mr. C. Routledge; Mr P Smith; & County Councillor Dr. J Cordwell

  2. Declaration of Interests. The Chairman invited members to declare any interests.

There were none.

  1. To Approve and Sign the Minutes of the Meeting held on 7 December 2009, as a true and accurate record.

The Minutes had previously been distributed to all members and displayed on public notice boards and websites. All members agreed that the Minutes should be signed as a true and accurate record. The Minutes were duly signed.

  1. The Council noted Matters arising from the Minutes that were not covered by agenda items. The Clerk’s Update Notes, which had been issued prior to the Meeting, informed the Council that:

  1. The Clerk has received a “Get Talking Transport” Questionnaire from Gloucestershire CC, for the Parish Council to complete. This is also mentioned in Dr Cordwell’s Report. It was agreed that Councillors would, if they wished, complete the questionnaire on line. (see

  2. The Council received information about a petition, which has been submitted via County Cllr. Tipper to Gloucestershire County Council, about the Travellers’ Encampment on the road to Stinchcombe Hill, in the vicinity of Hermitage Wood.

The Chairman closed the Meeting and invited Messrs Phillip Chubb & Geoff Wheeler to inform the Council about the reasons for the petition. They informed the Council that a petition had been drawn up and signed by nearly 300 people, including several residents of North Nibley Parish. The petition had been submitted to County Councillor Tipper in July 2009 and there had been a meeting on 30 November involving Cllr. Tipper, the Police and the County Council Traveller Liaison Officer. The group, who have drawn up the petition, is seeking the support of the Parish Council as they are having difficulties in getting a resolution to the issue. Following questions from the Council it was stated that in the opinion of the petitioners the travellers were breaking various laws, including blocking the highway and various rights of way. The Chairman thanked Messrs. Chubb and Wheeler for their attendance and re-opened the Meeting for the Council to decide what action it should take.

Following further discussion it was agreed that the first issue to be resolved was for the County Council to provide a permanent site for the travellers. Once this has been achieved the County Council should secure a summons for the eviction of the travellers; and that the County Council, in conjunction with the District Council, should take appropriate steps to avoid a recurrence.

The Council decided to seek the support of their County and District Councillors in helping to resolve this matter. Because they were not at the meeting, the Council asked the Clerk to write to the County and District Councillors setting out the Council’s thoughts.

  1. The Meeting was opened for Public Discussion and Questions.

There was none.

  1. The Council considered and commented upon the following Planning Applications which had been on public display prior to the Meeting.

  1. The Council noted that Planning Consent has been refused in respect of:

The Clerk read out the reasons for the District Council’s decision to refuse permission.

  1. To Receive a written District Council Report from District Councillor Mrs J Cordwell

Because of the lack of District Council business over the holiday period, Mrs Cordwell did not submit a written report for this Meeting.

  1. To Receive a written District Council Report from District Councillor Mr C Routledge.

Because of the lack of District Council business over the holiday period, Mr Routledge did not submit a written report for this Meeting.

  1. To Receive a written District Council Report from District Councillor Mr P Smith

Because of the lack of District Council business over the holiday period, Mr Smith did not submit a written report for this Meeting.

  1. To Receive a written County Council Report from County Councillor Dr J Cordwell. See report aside.

  1. To Receive and Discuss Reports of Committees and Meetings attended by Parish Councillors and the Clerk

The Chairman invited Councillors to report back on any meetings they had attended.

Mrs Kelly informed the Council that she had received the Annual Report of the Village Hall Management Committee. Mrs Kelly agreed to send the report to Councillors by electronic mail.

  1. The Council considered what Issues should be included on the Agenda for the Parish Meeting in April. Following discussion it was agreed that the Council should give an update on actions taken since the Parish Survey; that the Recreation Field Trust should be invited to give a progress report on the pavilion; and that an opportunity should be given to parishioners to provide their views on the future use of Parish Council land at Breakheart Hill. The Clerk was also asked to use his “On the Edge” article to invite parishioners to suggest other topics for the Agenda.

  1. Finances.

Following discussion the Council agreed to approve and pay:

Cheques for the Clerk and HMRC were drawn up and signed at the Meeting. The Clerk advised the Council that as a result of using the HMRC on-line 2008/09 end of year system, the Council has been credited with £75.00 as a tax free payment.

  1. The Council received the Cemetery Report.

The Clerk advised the Council that a cheque has been received for a double grave in respect of the recent burial of Mr Roberts from Gossington.

  1. The Council received, for information, details of Correspondence received. A written report was issued. (See attached).

Following discussion the Council suggested that any information on grants, which they receive, should be copied to community organisations in the Parish.

The Council noted that the lights illuminating the Monument had been on during the holiday period. The Chairman asked that Mr Smith to convey to the Monument Trust the appreciation of the Council.

The Meeting closed at 9.15pm.

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held in the Village Hall on Monday

1 February 2010 at 7.30 pm.